Enjoy the Journey Audio Book


For any two partners who are serious about ‘Life’s Core Relationship,’
Enjoy The Journey

Makes the Complex…Understandable
The Challenging…Approachable
And the Necessary…Do-able

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In a Relationship, Engaged or Newlywed Couple, Married Couple, Senior Couple, Previously Married

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The Six Practices for Thriving Relationships













Product Description

Enjoy the Journey Audio Book’  (232 page Hardbound Book)



  1. Beginnings: Learn to enjoy the journey along your marriage highway.
  2. Share: Spend time in new and renewed shared experiences with your chosen companion.
  3. Care: Nurture a best-friends relationship with your husband or wife.
  4. Connect: Enhance the emotional and physical intimacy with your “soulmate.”
  5. Confront: Communicate concerns about “tough stuff”  with your spouse.
  6. Resolve: Deal with differences and resolve conflicts with your helpmate.
  7. Grow: Refine the shared vision and spousal synergy with your life partner.
  8. A Fork in the Road: Choose which path you will follow.

Appendix A: The K.I.S.S. Marriage Maker tool.
Appendix B: Jump-start your marriage in six weeks.
– Price: ($23.95 ea.)

  • K.I.S.S. Marriage Maker™ (digital and copiable versions of weekly application tool)
    • Included with ‘Thriving Marriage System’
    • Application tool ensures both spouses can apply goals on a weekly basis
    • If you created an account, a download link will be available there as well. 
    • Price: No Charge.  Comes with purchase of any components of ‘Thriving Marriage System’ / Enjoy the Journey books

‘Enjoy the Journey’  Audio Book (complete book in Audible form, narrated by authors, Tres and Susan Tanner)

Digital Instruction Booklet (12-page) (5 variations, depending on relationship status) Explains how to use the ‘Thriving Marriage System’ as it relates to your own particular relationship reality, with recommendations of how to best use the System, select the option that best describes your relationship status so you can receipt a digital instruction booklet best suited for you:

  • Married Couple: Married between 2 and 40 years
  • Senior Couple: One or both spouses is 65 or older
  • Previously Married: One or both spouses were married previously
  • In a Relationship: Partners not married, but are in a relationship with each other
  • Engaged or Newlywed Couple: Engaged or married within last 2 years
    • Included with ‘Thriving Marriage System’
    • A download link will be provided in your confirmation email.
    • If you created an account, a download link will be available there as well.
    • Price: No Charge.  Comes with purchase of any components of ‘Thriving Marriage System’ / Enjoy the Journey books

What You Get

Complete Total ‘Thriving Marriage System’ (1-book, Audio Book, Additional materials) (NOTE:  This is the ‘Product Package’ we highly recommend for couples serious about transforming their relationship into a thriving marriage.  Three reasons for this:  a) written versions facilitate use of books as actual ‘handbooks’;  b) progress is best when each partner/spouse has their own personal copy so as a couple together, they can read, discuss, ponder, make notes design & carry out certain assignments, & review questions;  c) audio version enables learning under flexible circumstances and reinforces internalization of ideas. 

  • 1 hardbound 232-page ‘Enjoy the Journey Audio Book’  Books
    • Each partner should have his/her own separate copy to use
  • K.I.S.S. Marriage Maker (digital and copiable versions of weekly application tool)

         Digital Instruction Booklet (12-page)

  • ‘Enjoy the Journey Audio Book (narrated by authors)

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