“Here’s some great news!

My wife and I have developed some uniquely effective resources (including digital weekly application tools) that can help virtually any committed couple transform their marriage/potential marriage into a Thriving Marriage.”

— Dr. Tres (Tres Tanner, PhD)

Dr. Tres has dedicated his career to strengthening families.  He has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families in over 25 years’ experience as a Professional Relationships–Life Coach / Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California & Utah (San Diego Co., Orange Co., & Los Angeles Co. and Salt Lake Co.) Puerto Rico, as well as clients remotely.  He also has over 25 years’ experience teaching and training people in Seminars, Workshops, Professional Speaking Engagements, and in undergraduate and graduate University Classes–(he was an Associate Professor and Department Chairman)–Marriage Retreats, etc., largely in San Diego and Orange Counties and also in Utah.

He was the Publisher of a Preventive Mental Health Publication Resource (HOME/WORK) focused on Home-Work balance endorsed by six Fortune 500 companies; the Editor-Sr. Author of a Parent Involvement Audio Learning Program (Helping Kids Succeed in School / the School Success System) incorporating input from a national team of 23 contributing authors; and the Co-author with his wife, Susan, of the book, Enjoy the Journey Along Your Marriage Highway,  (English version), (Felicidad Total en Pareja) (Spanish version    –distributed throughout Mexico & Central America).  For over 12 years thousands of readers worldwide have also benefitted from his ‘Food-for-Thought’ pieces.  Being fluent in Spanish, Dr. Tres also conducted both an hour-long radio program (“Una Vida Mejor (a Better Life)” as well as 2-minute tips “Consejos Que Fortalecen (Counsels That Strengthen)” on a Spanish language radio station in the Salt Lake area.  As an Instructor and Speaker, Dr. Tres is noted for his very upbeat, hi-energy style.  As a Professional Relationships –Life Coach, he is committed to ensuring his clients focus on implementing those principles and strategies that make a real difference in resolving their challenges and accomplishing their goals. 

Tres Tanner earned a B.S. in Family Relations and Child Development at Brigham Young University; a Masters degree in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling at Chapman University; and his PhD in Family Relations at Florida State University, where he was a University Fellow.  Dr. Tres’ most recent focus is on helping couples strengthen their ‘Core Relationship in Life’ by using the “Thriving Marriage System” he developed, either as a self-help resource or by using it with Clients engaging his Professional Coaching services.

At the undergraduate level, Susan Tanner graduated Suma Cum Laude.  Her educational training at the bachelors’ level and in graduate school prepared her for a career in Health Care Administration, where her final position was as a Regional Operations Officer for Intermountain Health Care.  She also taught university classes part time for several years.  Susan and Tres spend significant time enjoying their several grown children & grandchildren.   Tres and Susan have been married since 1994.  Both were previously in marriages where they learned the hard way what happens when BOTH partners are not committed to applying correct principles.  So together, they wrote the book Enjoy the Journey Along Your Marriage Highway based on timeless proven ideas that work, when BOTH partners learn these and apply them regularly.   (NOTE:  Writing the book together as a couple ensured that perspectives of both husbands and wives were incorporated.  Among Susan’s strengths Tres appreciated most were ensuring the book was simpler, more concise and focused more quickly on ‘to-the-point’ applications of ideas.)