The basic ‘Thriving Marriage System’ package is designed as a self-help tool that many couples find they can implement on their own perfectly well.

However, some couples prefer to enhance their capacity to utilize this system so as to maximize the ways it can benefit their relationship. Consider if relationship-life coaching might be useful to you.

Private Relationship-Life Coaching


Couples who want to receive totally individualized support from Dr. Tres can arrange to have him provide them professional Relationship Coaching on a private basis.  Such couples might include those: a) whose concerns are more serious; b) who desire to benefit from individualized ‘Pre-Marital’ Coaching; c) who prefer that when Dr. Tres is providing his professional support, he directs his entire personal attention to helping them with their own couple &/or other personal needs on a private, confidential basis.

Also, in order to help this distinctive growth opportunity be more personalized, Dr. Tres has arranged to conduct private Relationship Coaching in his own home in Sandy, UT.  (Or, for those who prefer, arrangements can be made to carry out Coaching remotely.)

Professional Relationship-Life Coaching Sessions:

  • When: At times scheduled between Dr. Tres & Coaching Clients
  • Where:  Sandy, UT home of Dr. Tres & Susan Tanner 

  (for address, Call or Text:  801.264.2222     Email:,)

  OR   Arrangements can be made to carry out Coaching remotely (phone, online, etc.)

  • Cost, Scheduling Apts, Misc Info about Professional Coaching

Call or Text:  801.264.2222     Email:,


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