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Tres & Susan Tanner

When my wife, Susan, and I first wrote the book, Enjoy the Journey Along Your Marriage Highway, we never intended it be read alone, but by couples. By reading this book together and following the roadmap provided in the ‘Thriving Marriage System’,you can navigate your marriage journey more smoothly.

For more than 20 years, I have counseled and coached couples along their unique marriage highways. I find that many couples are desperate to heal and/or wish to strengthen their ‘Core Relationship in Life’.

Our book teaches you the six practices that healthy couples use to nurture thriving relationships. However, let us emphasize that Susan and I wrote this book together because we want you and your partner to read it together. It’s through this process that your marriage will benefit.

When you place your order for the ‘Thriving Marriage System’ , you’ll receive two copies of Enjoy the Journey Along Your Marriage Highway book (one for each partner), an Audio version of the book, an instruction booklet tailored to your relationship status, and a weekly application tool.

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