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Are You Enjoying the Journey Along YOUR Marriage Highway?

I hope so.  Whether you’ve been married for decades, just sending thank you notes to those attending your wedding reception, or are ‘in a relationship’ you hope might evolve into something more lasting, you owe it to yourselves as a couple to have your ‘Core Relationship in Life’ be a deeply satisfying and lasting one. 

Given the challenges faced by all couples in today’s world, this is not easy to accomplish.  Nevertheless, any couple can achieve this, provided they learn and consistently implement the key principles necessary in all successful marriages–(the 6 Practices for Thriving Relationships). 

My wife and I wrote a book used by thousands of people throughout the U.S. and Mexico (Spanish version).  We recently enhanced the book by recording an Audio Book version, as well as by creating a unique digital tool–the K.I.S.S. Marriage Maker™–that can now be downloaded onto your handheld device.  This provides partners with a simple, convenient way to prepare and apply their own specific personalized goals related to crucial principles on a weekly basis. Not merely a book, ‘Enjoy the Journey’ is now a highly effective ‘Thriving Relationships System’.   

Each chapter contains 20 Questions couples can dialogue about int ways that help them not only evaluate, but more importantly, improve, vital aspects of their relationship.  The Ideas to Consider sections in each chapter provide scores of practical suggestions. 

(NOTE:  some couples using this system may have already established a rather good marriage relationship with one another, but nevertheless find it provides them a simple, convenient, upbeat way to regularly ensure their marriage / relationship continues to grow and be an ongoing source of great enjoyment for both, year after year. . .)  Most any conscientious couple can learn to develop and maintain a thriving relationship without therapy.   

So, rather than being content to merely ‘survive’ your ‘Core Relationship in Life’, why not choose to invest in this proven system and follow the roadmap which will show you how to ‘thrive’ and truly Enjoy the Journey. . .?

Dr Tres (Tres Tanner, PhD)